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What do we do?

Our Vision and Mission

Future Voices believes that education and learning contribute to social cohesion by developing skills for participation in society and extending understanding of different ways of living. This includes skills in communication for living, working and investing in a national and global context.

We aim to improve the lives of those living with multiple barriers by addressing the following human needs:

  • Human capital: skills, knowledge, networks, education and training, work force participation and leadership skills
  • Social capital: connectedness, social participation, and positive socialization, including tolerant and safe involvement in decision-making
  • Economic capital: employment, mentoring, coaching by business and industry

Future Voices is positioned as a driving force that highlights real issues that our communities face and creates opportunities for future generations. We specialise in creative innovation, empowerment, and advocate for the grass roots in communities to achieve their potential. It is a platform that targets and mentors youth aged 15 – 25 from refugee, migrant and low socio-economic backgrounds to create opportunities, enhance knowledge, foster and support community integration, and broaden understanding of different ways of living.

We focus on explicitly teaching life and employability skills, strengthening and improving cross cultural understanding and inter country relations. We have a commitment to innovative program design and developing entrepreneurial networks that will be required for regional development, global engagement and future growth of the economy.

Our Values

Future Voices is underpinned by the Nelson Mandela Legacy. This includes the following values:

  • collaboration and tolerance
  • sharing knowledge through education and forgiveness
  • respect for diversity and social justice
  • positive social participation and inclusion
  • strong leadership and accountability
  • empowerment
  • honesty and integrity

Our Goals

  • To build harmony and tolerance
  • To strengthen relationships between diverse sectors
  • To build community networks, identify community issues and develop solutions
  • To strengthen relationships between diverse sectors
  • To assist with the identification of pathways into further training
  • To focus on capacity building and sustainable independence
  • To develop positive learning and life strategies
  • To promote ongoing learning and academic development opportunities
  • To develop creativity, innovation skills and leadership in the community
  • To create income earning capacity by providing life skills training and employment opportunities for participants

An African proverb said that ‘it is important to teach people how to fish rather than to provide a fish to people’. This is what the program does – teach participants how to fish.