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The Outcomes

Short Term

Client / young person outcomes:

  • A minimum of 100 youth and participate in the skill development programs, increasing their confidence, communication, networks, entrepreneurial skills and education and employment.
  • Improved communication skills (writing and speaking)
  • Increased opportunity to discuss other issues and concepts in an informal and trusting environment
  • Increased community engagement by participants
  • Increased social inclusion and social relationships within the group and the broader community
  • Reduction of risk factors associated with the teenage culture gap between young people and older generations, parenthood, and unemployment.

Community outcomes:

  • Improved cultural awareness in communities
  • Increased community collaborations around a common purpose
  • Increased human, social and economic capitol in the community
  • Increased opportunities for small business development.

Agency or organisational related outcomes:

  • Improved coordination, integration, and cooperation across sectors.

Medium Term

  • Better connected and supported families in emerging communities
  • Overall improved mental and physical wellbeing for marginal groups
  • Emerging communities and multicultural networks have the skills and leadership to self-manage and engage in community life
  • High quality sustainable partnerships are established that harness resources and build social capital to support young people and their families and diverse communities to identify and achieve their goals
  • Improved education and employment outcomes.

Long Term

  • A creative and dynamic community that values diversity
  • Economic growth
  • Better living standards for all the community
  • Increased social inclusion for marginal groups
  • Improved aspirations, engagement, and results around education
  • Community groups, businesses and citizens create coordinated and sustainable responses to related local issues and needs
  • All the diverse communities in Shepparton have a sense of purpose and belonging, and are able to contribute to the prosperity of the region.