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Seminar 2: Connecting with business and ethical leadership

In Seminar 2 – Connecting with business and ethical leadership, themes for discussion included: increasing your circle of influence, what you can and cannot influence, employability skills and what employers want, the importance of hope and passion in overcoming your challenges, the importance of mentors and good people to help you, courage, commitment, doing your best in every situation because you never know who is listening or observing, learning from the elders and the importance of family.

Participant Quotes:

“I thought having so many speakers would be a bit boring but it was really fun! Great food and really interesting speakers – some really funny and laid back – great stories as well.”

“Some of the speakers told us to come in and see them for a part time job – I did not expect that”.

“Really good to hear the life journey stories – really shows us that everyone has a story to tell and hurdles to overcome”.