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Our Strategic Pillars


Building a New Generation Youth Leadership program

Future Voices Youth Leadership is designed for young people from diverse background (refugee and migrants, indigenous and no- indigenous Australian families) aged 15- 25 to build skills, develop a sustainable network, knowledge exchange, and different cultures, future career, economic growth, and better deeper understanding of the complexity of effective regional, state, national and global engagement. This program based on ‘Nelson Mandela -Ubuntu philosophy’.

The participants in this program will have an opportunity to meet with the different local officers as well as to travel to Canberra and Melbourne to meet and discuss issues with different national and international speakers such as:

  • National and International Foreign Affairs – Diplomats corps 
  • United National of High Commissioner for refugees’ representatives. 
  • Local councillors, and Government Members of Parliaments.
  • Link with industries
  • Strengthen connection with families, friends and Community (Local, state, federal and Global).
  • Link with mentors, the role of the mentor will be to assist the participants to develop strategies to achieve their long and short-term goals; to support projects that may be undertaken by the group; and to facilitate networking and partnerships in the community and in business. 
  • The program is delivered over an 8 months period, with the equivalent of three weeks of full-time learning. 
  • The program will run from October – June 

The Alumni strategy builds community capacity through collective action community projects driven by the alumni and their networks and communities. It is designed to tackle local issues through volunteering to improve civics, citizenship and cross-cultural dialogue.

What a great and worthy cause for young people and our diverse cultural communities to come together on! In my BNG year, the participants represented many cultural backgrounds in Shepparton, including African Sudanese and Congolese, Afghani, Australian, Indian, and Aboriginal young people and their communities.

Many of them wanted to be involved in helping others after the year ended.

Thanks to FACEBOOK, our journey in the youth leadership program has been followed all over the world, including in the refugee camps, where the pictures and experiences have provided hope to others.

Declo Bisimwa

A Global Citizen strategy – a regional youth leadership development project that aims to discuss international and national trends and link them to education initiatives to enhance cross-cultural understanding.

Our Global citizen strategy includes the development of a regional Mandela Learning Centre. The Mandela Learning Centre proposal seeks to develop future leaders in education, training, innovation, social enterprise and intercountry cultural and business exchanges.

Future Voices has permission to use the Nelson Mandela name and has signed a Code of Conduct agreement with the Nelson Mandela Centre in South Africa.


We aim to develop better futures for refugee and migrant young people aged 15 – 25 years though:

  • building hope and strong aspirations
  • develop understanding of career paths and employment opportunities
  • linking with employers and local opportunities, especially in skill shortage areas
  • delivering life and work skill learning, work experience and mentoring
  • engagement of community and family in a holistic approach
  • strengthening cross cultural understanding and inter country relations.