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Objectives and Mission of Nelson Mandela Centre, Australia

Objectives of  Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia

The objectives of  Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia can be summarised as follows:

    • The fostering of Africa – Australia bilateral diplomatic relations in the areas of education and training
  • The promotion of social and cultural connections and business exchanges between Africa and Australia and the rest of the world

 The Mission of Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia 

The Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia aims to

  • Be a space to link and promote technological exchange,  research, and Australia’s regional potentials to the rest of the world.
  • Be a space to deliver seminars, lecture and training on leadership, innovation, social enterprise, international affairs and development of entrepreneur networks, global engagements, opportunities for partnership and inter-country exchanges in business, cross-cultural knowledge transfers, social capital utilization and other related areas
  • Work with local organisations, farms and businesses to facilitate exchanges of recreational tourism; agricultural farms and water management programs  thus helping the visitors and the locals to interchange knowledge, skills, abilities, and use the competencies people bring with them to build the region
  • Provide a key coordination Centre for information, support and responses for regional international students.
  • Work together to provide help for regional Victoria businesses to utilize the potentials of diverse global markets especially in Africa.