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Concept & programs

The concept of Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia

Nelson Mandela has not only become a household name in Africa but also across cultural boundaries internationally and for good reasons. Nelson Mandela has shown the world a new way towards peace and development through his philosophical servant-leadership and disposition towards building up others through the Ubuntu Philosophy.

We are grateful to the Nelson Mandela Foundation for granting the use of the Mandela name to Future Voices. The Shepparton Nelson Mandela Learning Centre is a major project of Future Voices through which we reach out to community stakeholders to synergise sustainable development, leadership training, research, skills upgrading, workshops, conferences, cultural, social and technological exchanges.

We are open to collaborating with private and public entities that believe in the legacies of Nelson Mandela

Programs of Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia

The core of our program is leadership training and research. The Annual Leadership Summit and the Youth Leadership Forum brings together mostly younger generations of Australians under the instruction, direction and oversight of experts in Leadership from time to time.

Participants are selected from schools and other units of the society and the facilitators are well-researched and qualified individuals that have achieved great status in their endeavours.

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