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Building Project

Proposed Building Project of  Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia

The Future Voices as a Community benefits organization aims at providing development opportunities to the less developed members of the Regional Victorian society through the Nelson Mandela Learning Centre, Australia.

We propose to have a campus for the effective rendering of our commitments.

Why we need a specific physical centre:

  • Better organised programs: The future voices had cause to use several venues for the training of young people in the past but these efforts would be better organized when conducted at a particular centre.
  • Better terms of usage: Most programs could not be offered during the day in some places because they were being used by others. Mostly, we used schools and universities and that would mean substantial disruption if we were to be accommodated every time. As a result, we had to either cancel, postpone or scale down our programs in the past. In that way, we believe that our stakeholders are not getting the full benefits of our potential impact.
  • Opportunity to multitask: Setting up the Nelson Mandela Learning Centre will give us the opportunity to offer multiple training projects and conduct researches and related activities without the constraint associated with rented facilities that may either be booked by others or otherwise unavailable.
  • Better coordination and momentum: Another benefit is that it will help in building the momentum of these activities when they are located in an identifiable space rather than being offered at different locations.
  • Freedom: Clients and stakeholders can have access to the desired equipment and can spend as much time as required without constraints.
  • Brand identity: Having a specific location for our training also helps the identity and brand of Nelson Mandela Learning Centre. A respectable name like that of Nelson Mandela should be conspicuous.
  • Legacy: Having a specific place for our activities will help Future Voices in building a legacy for the future in a coordinated way.