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Former CEO of Future Voices is interviewed for the Australian Leadership Project

Future Voices former CEO, Jennifer Hippisley, was invited to be part of the Australian Leadership Project ( which celebrates, understands and improves Australian leadership, led by Victor Perton.

“Good Australian leadership is complex, visionary, multifaceted, diverse, entrepreneurial, far reaching and brave.

Not surprising, being based on a complex history. Aboriginal leadership has risen from the oppression of colonial invasion and the destruction of the oldest culture in the world. Our political system is inherited from our British colonial heritage and historical systems on the other side of the globe and from last century. Our multicultural society started on the goldfields with the Chinese workers but has grown through relocation of different ethnic groups post war times from the Boer War to present day conflicts, skilled migration programs and relocation in general.

Australia’s concept of laid back larrikinism and “having a go”, one might argue, has grown from our convict heritage, bushranger stories, and the need to explore and settle in a harsh land in order to survive and prosper.

Contemporary Australia is a melting pot of humanity that all coexist in one of the most attractive countries in the world. It is a great story of cultural unity and Australian leadership needs to embrace, value, promote and reflect that concept. While once we were seen as very far away from the rest of the world, today is different and we need to understand that we are in a global world now, with huge challenges to face and work together on…

The uniqueness and features of good Australian leadership come from its historical base and a melting pot of characteristics that make it a relaxed and open style, inclusive, fair, strong and resilient, visionary, brave and persistent in the face of adversity. It is a style well placed to venture into the future world dynamic with confidence, diplomacy and creative solutions.”

Click here to read the full interview. 

We are also very pleased to have Victor Perton as a guest speaker at the Future Voices 2017 Graduation on 7th September 2017.

Victor is a former Commissioner to the Americas building investment, trade, global supply chains & supporter networks.  His life experience includes 18 years as a parliamentarian, practice as a barrister, mediator, arbitrator, businessman, board service and mentor in the public and private sectors.

Victor served as Senior Adviser in the Australian G20 presidency supporting Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey’s leadership of the Finance Track of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors.  He played an important engagement role in the Brisbane G20 Leaders Summit which then Australian Prime Minister Abbott described as “the most important gathering Australia has ever hosted.”