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Who are we?

Future Voices Incorporated is a not for profit charity established in 2016, working with the diverse communities in Shepparton, Victoria to meet an identified need in the multicultural community.

Our learning and leadership program is underpinned by an emphasis on cognitive, metacognitive and affective skill development making it an enhanced youth leadership program which is quite unique.

We use a collaborative partnership approach. We aim to use enterprise-based models to address social and environmental challenges and the systemic issues that underpin those challenges.

Our strategies bring together people from new and emerging communities that may be linked by common experiences, such as being survivors of the migration experience or enduring war and traumatic experiences, with the broader community. This model of helping and learning from each other contributes significantly to greater social inclusion and community strengthening. Research tells us that most extensive types of volunteer work conducted by refugees and humanitarian entrants involve helping with the settlement of their own communities. Future Voices has grown from this grassroots concept and from the community itself.

Cognitive skills include memory, attention and problem-solving. 

Metacognitive skills are skills associated with an understanding of how learning occurs.

Affective skills are skills that are related to feelings and emotions, such as developing a value system, then internalising and acting on these values. Motivation is considered the most important affective skill.

Our charitable purpose

Future Voices contributes to the building of peace and harmony, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue and learning through education, understanding different cultures, communication and information.

We advance education by providing life-skills training to young migrants and humanitarian refugees that experience multiple barriers so they can succeed in education, reach their full potential and contribute to the community.

We improve social cohesion by facilitating the positive transition of new arrivals into our communities.